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Should I Buy New or Used?

If you've ever shopped for pianos, you've probably noticed that most dealers carry only one or two main brands and invariably only promote those brands. The manufacturers they sell for do not want direct competition from more affordable used pianos. In fact, they strongly discourage it. Most dealers accept this fact. After all, it is much easier to order new pianos than it is to locate high-quality, pre-owned pianos.


Here at Mid-America Piano, we have a different philosophy. Rather than exclusively offering new pianos, we balance several quality new lines with the best selection of high-quality, pre-owned instruments you will find anywhere.


Used Pianos Cost a Lot Less

Although pianos as acoustic instruments have not changed significantly since their creation, new prices continue to rise for new pianos. In many cases, the quality of instrument a customer wants or needs is simply too expensive in a new model. This creates an appealing market for more affordable (sometimes even higher quality) pre-owned pianos. Given the proper selection, a smart consumer can purchase a much better pre-owned piano for a smaller investment. Because a used piano has already passed the initial depreciation phase, it will hold its value remarkably well as new prices rise.


Many Quality Piano Lines to Choose From

Kawai, Steinway, Yamaha, Baldwin, Wm. Knabe, Petrof, Seiler...the list is fairly long.  Depending on a customer's personal preferences (brand, tonal colors, touch weight, style, price range, etc), one brand may fit an individual's taste better than another.  At Mid-America Piano, you will find an extensive assortment of pianos that will give you the opportunity to select an instrument that will truly meet your needs!


We do not try to "sell" you on one brand. Instead, we attempt to represent all of these lines and help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs. This philosophy allows you to compare the top names at one location and allows us to provide unbiased, professional advice and assistance. We want to help you find a piano based on your needs, not ours.


We simply offer a service not provided by most dealers. Finding one or two used pianos or having a few trade-ins is not hard. Maintaining a large selection (usually around 80) of clean, pre-owned spinet, console, studio, and grand pianos is a quite a challenge! We go to great lengths to locate the selection you deserve. With our ever-expanding network of dealers, clients, teachers and technicians, we are constantly adding to our inventory to better serve you. Come visit our showroom and see why thousands of satisfied customers found their piano at Mid-America Piano.


"The salesmen were very pleasant to work with. We appreciated the low pressure attitude, sincerity and the competitive prices. We had been shopping since Spring and felt comfortable in their store."

John and Kim Heckathorne

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