3 Year 100% Trade-up Guarantee


One more advantage of selecting your used piano from Mid-America Piano is our 3-year 100% trade-up guarantee. Choose from our huge selection of clean, pre-owned pianos and anytime within the next three years, we will allow you 100% of your original purchase price back on any upgrade, whether it be to a nicer used piano, a new digital or acoustic piano, or even a grand piano!


If your child is just beginning piano lessons, you don't have to spend $5000 to get a decent instrument.  You can start with a quality, used piano (we have lots of pianos in the $888 to $1500 range) and then upgrade anytime within 3 years and not lose a penny.  You can reward your child for their perseverance by getting them a little nicer piano for their birthday or other special occasion!


Many pianists always dream of owning a grand piano but don't think they will ever be able to afford one.  We have customers who start with a used piano, then upgrade two or three times until they finally end up with that grand piano they always hoped for! They are able to enjoy a piano the entire time while they were in the "upgrading process"...yet never lose a penny.


The "small print":  In the unlikely event the piano receives any abuse or damage while in your possession, we will deduct a small amount to bring the piano back to playable and serviceable condition.  We want you to use your piano regularly and enjoy it and we understand it will get some wear; however, we have to put this clause into our trade up guarantee for the rare instance when a piano gets abused (either accidentally or intentionally). 


"RW was very helpful and patient. There was no pressure to buy. He was willing to show me everything they had. I have never owned or played a piano before. The store owner, Dan, played the pianos i was interested in to help me compare. The store was very accommodating with delivery. They even called me a day early to tell me a storm was coming and offered to deliver a day early. I took them up on the offer. Dan even came with the delivery truck to personally make sure everything was level on my hundred year old floors."

Patricia Keefe

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